Last of the 4 clues for this week’s Where in Western Mass Wednesday.  Do you know what municipality’s downtown this is?

Sorry about that weird auto post from my Wordpress blog.  Man the formatting for those are terrible.

The jist was that the answers for the most recent Where in Western Mass are available on the wordpress Blog.

The photos were all of Naumkeag, a Trustees of Reservations property in Stockbridge.

The Taste of Amherst is this weekend.  If you haven’t been before it is a celebration of the culinary offerings of the Amherst area.  There are food samples from local restaurants, great live music, and fun for the whole family.  

Last year I was hired by the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce to take some promotional photos.  They ended up in the insert sent out inside the Daily Hampshire Gazette today.  I couldn’t find a link, so here are the photos they used, uncropped.  I don’t do a lot of event photography but I’m always open to new opportunities.

I don’t know about you but regardless of how much we needed this rain I’m starting to feel a little cabin fever setting in.  I’d really like to hit the road and do some scouting soon.

To that end I would like to make a limited time offer of:

A free photo shoot of your property when you sign up for ANY level of entry in the database! (as low as $75/year).  

You just need to schedule the shoot for any day before July 31st.

Premium listings (which always include a free photo shoot) will also receive high quality copies of all the photos which can be used in real estate listings, marketing of your business, etc. (usually $100-150).

All types of properties are welcome and scheduling will be done on a first come first serve basis.  My schedule is pretty open so far with the exception of Solid Sound Fest and the Green River Festival.

For more info email me at and/or see this blog entry where you can fill out a simple form to describe your property.

Well, today is the beginning of the Amherst Town Fair.  I was bored the other day and finally made GIFs out of the photos I took of last year’s fair.  I hope these don’t cause anyone to have a seizure.

My favorite one won’t animate because it’s too big.  I’m going to try to shrink it and add it again.

I’m about to tweet out another clue for this week’s #Where In Western Mass. I’ll be posting one photo a day until someone guesses correctly.

Clue #4 for this weeks Where In Western Mass Wednesday.  All photos are from the grounds of the same well known historic house.  They were shot when the property was closed for the season and I didn’t include photos of the more iconic parts.  If nobody guesses from the first 4 I’ll upload another photo every day until someone does or until next Wednesday.

…there’s no such thing as Flickr Pro, because today, with cameras as pervasive as they are, there is no such thing really as professional photographers, when there’s everything is professional photographers. Certainly there is varying levels of skills, but we didn’t want to have a Flickr Pro anymore, we wanted everyone to have professional quality photos, space, and sharing.” – Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Event, May 2013 

By that logic with computers as pervasive as they are, there is no such thing as an internet company.  So you should be out of a job.

Here are some more photos of the numbered route for this week’s Where In Western Mass. I haven’t had a winner in awhile so I figured I would make things a little easier.

Speaking of Shelburne Falls, last year’s big attraction in town “Labor Day” will have a limited release on Christmas Day.  Let’s hope that release includes somewhere local.  It would be a shame if we had to wait a long time to see it in Western Mass.